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Welcome to Ab D Cards. We offer sports collectibles for beginner or advanced collectors & sports fans young & old. Whether you are collecting a particular player, team or league, we have a large selection of cards, pins, photos, posters, pucks as well as other sports souvenirs & memorabilia.

We specialize in NHL hockey for most products, but do have a large selection of items for other leagues and sports as well. We are continually adding to our online pages with new or collectible products. Make sure to check back often and bookmark our pages for products you collect. If you like what we offer, please tell your friends as well.

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Hockey Pucks

NHL SOUVENIR PUCKS & OFFICIAL GAME PUCKS - NHL logo pucks, NHL All-Star Game pucks, NHL anniversary pucks, old NHL Collector pucks, NHLPA player pucks, NHL Stanley Cup pucks - play-offs pucks, NHL Conference Champions pucks, NHL Stanley Cup Champions pucks, Stanley Cup Finals official game pucks,

MINOR HOCKEY LEAGUE PUCKS - AHL pucks, ECHL pucks, IHL pucks, QMJHL pucks, Team Canada pucks, USA Hockey pucks, WHL pucks, Memorial Cup pucks, College & University pucks.

JUNIOR HOCKEY LEAGUE PUCKS - Alberta team pucks, BC team pucks, Manitoba team pucks, Ontario team pucks, Quebec team pucks, Saskatchewan team pucks, other Provincial team pucks

We still have hundreds of one of a kind pucks to get scanned and listed.

Sports Cards

We specialize in hockey cards - sets and singles and do carry the other major sports as well. We have a very extensive inventory with only a fraction of it online.

CARDS SETS - MLB card sets, NBA card sets, CFL card sets, NFL card sets, NHL card sets, Minor League hockey card sets.

SINGLE CARDS are listed by sport, then chronologically by year & brand, then numerically by card number with player`s name, team, condition and price.

MLB baseball card singles, NBA basketball card singles, CFL football card singles, NFL football card singles, NHL hockey card singles, WHA hockey card singles, some minor hockey card singles.

Sports Photos

HOCKEY PHOTOS - 8x10 hockey photos, 8x10 NHL photos, 8x10 NHL player photos, 8x10 NHL retired players photos, 8x10 Wayne Gretzky photos, 8x10 NHL Stanley Cup player photos, 8x10 NHL Stanley Cup team photos, 8x10 NHL B&W Press player photos, 8x10 NHL player autographed photos, 8x10 Team Canada player photos, 4x6 AHL player photos

BASEBALL PHOTOS - 8x10 baseball photos 8x10 MLB photos, 8x10 MLB player photos, 8x10 MLB retired player photos

BASKETBALL PHOTOS - 8x10 basketball photos, 8x10 NBA photos, 8x10 NBA player photos, 8x10 NBA retired player photos, 8x10 NBA Champions photos

FOOTBALL PHOTOS - 8x10 football photos, 8x10 NFL player photos

MISCELLANEOUS PHOTOS - 8x10 Racing photos, 8x10 Nascar photos, 8x10 Cart racing photos, 8x10 Beach Volleyball photos

Sports Pins

We have thousands of sports pins in stock - in many styles - Logos, Jerseys, Masks, Helmets, Caps, Anniversary, All Star Games, Championships, Champions and many more styles.

Our pins are constantly changing, many of the older pins may be one of a kind.

over 3700 HOCKEY pins - 2000+ NHL pins, AHL pins, ECHL pins, IHL pins, IIHF pins, OHL pins, QMJHL pins, WHA pins, WHL pins, minor league hockey pins, old timers hockey pins, European ice hockey pins etc.

over 1200 FOOTBALL pins - CFL pins, NFL pins, NCAA pins, Arena football pins, Canadian minor league football pins, American minor league football pins.

over 1000 BASEBALL pins - MLB pins, Canadian minor league baseball pins, American minor league baseball pins.

over 300 BASKETBALL pins - NBA pins, minor league basketball pins.

OLYMPIC pins - 1988 Calgary pins & others - we are working on these now

other SPORTS pins - Soccer pins, Ski Resort pins, Skating pins

Sports Posters

HOCKEY - NHL player posters, NHL goalie posters, NHL Stanley Cup Champions posters, Team Canada hockey posters

BASEBALL - MLB player posters, MLB World Series Champions posters

FOOTBALL - NFL player posters, NFL Super Bowl Champions posters, NFL team helmet posters

BASKETBALL - NBA player posters, NBA World Champions posters, NBA Michael Jordan posters, NBA Kobe Bryant posters

RACING - Nascar posters, Nascar racer posters

SOCCER - Soccer posters, Soccer player posters, European Soccer player posters

Sports Publications

HOCKEY - NHL books, NHL media guides, NHL official guides, NHL player registers, NHL yearbooks, assorted minor league hockey media guides, AHL media guides, OHL media guides, WHL media guides, Memorial Cup guides, Memorial Cup programs, assorted NHL magazines, assorted vintage minor league hockey programs, assorted minor league hockey magazines

BASEBALL - Street & Smith Baseball Yearbooks, TSN Official Baseball Guides, TSN Official Dope Books, TSN Official Record Books, TSN Baseball Registers, TSN Official Baseball World Series Records Book, assorted baseball magazines

FOOTBALL - CFL media guides, CFL Grey Cup programs ...

We are still working on scanning & listing more books and magazines

Sports Souvenirs

  • HOCKEY - 3x5 NHL team banners, 3x5 NHL Stanley Cup banners, 5x3 NHL team flags, 12x18 NHL mini flags, small 5½ x 10¼ NHL satin banners, 3x5 Team Canada banners, 5x3 Team Canada flags 12x18 Team Canada mini flags
  • FOOTBALL - 5x3 CFL team flags, 3x5 CFL Grey Cup banners, 12x18 CFL mini flags, 27x41 NFL team banners
  • BASEBALL - 3x5 MLB team banners, 27x41 MLB team banners, small 5½ x 10¼ MLB satin banners

BUMPER STICKERS - MLB team bumper stickers, NBA team bumper stickers, CFL bumper stickers, NFL team bumper stickers, NHL team bumper stickers, miscellaneous sports sticker strips

KEY-CHAINS - NHL goalie mask key-chains, NHL mini puck key-chains, NHL player brat key-chains, NHL goalie brat key-chains, MLB brat key-chains, NFL brat key-chains, NFL football key-chains, CFL metal helmet key-chains and other key-chains.

METAL LICENSE PLATES - NHL team license plates, NHL Stanley Cup Champions license plates, CFL team license plates, CFL Grey Cup Champions license plates, US CFL team license plates, NFL team license plates, NFL Super Bowl Champions license plates, MLB team license plates, MLB World Series Champions license plates, NBA team license plates, NBA World Champions license plates

MINI FOOTBALL HELMETS - CFL team mini football helmets, CFL Grey Cup Champions mini football helmets, NFL team mini football helmets, NFL Super Bowl mini football helmets

MINI GOALIE MASKS - NHL team mini goalie masks, NHL Stanley Cup Champions mini goalie masks, NHL McDonald's player mini goalie masks, World Cup of Hockey Country mini goalie masks

MINI STICKS - NHL team mini player sticks, NHL team mini goalie sticks, NHLPA mini player sticks, NHLPA mini goalie sticks

MISCELLANEOUS - 75-76 Hockey Heroes stand-ups, 80-81 Pepsi NHL bottle caps, older NHL Calendars, NHL Starting Line-Up figurines, NHL team Fan Parking signs, NHL team No Trespassing signs, VHS video tapes

Sports Wear

CAPS - MLB team caps, minor league baseball caps, NBA team caps, NCAA team caps, NFL team caps, NHL team caps, AHL team caps, IHL team caps, WHL team caps, Team Canada hockey caps, Soccer country caps,

JERSEYS - MLB replica jerseys, MLB pro jerseys, NBA replica jerseys, NFL replica jerseys, NHL semi-pro jerseys, NHL pro jerseys, IHL pro jerseys, International Soccer jerseys

Projects We Are Working On Now

  • Hockey Patches
  • all Sports Pennants
  • Olympic Pins by year
  • more Hockey News years
  • more hockey magazines
  • more sports books
  • more individual cards
  • oddball hockey pucks
  • adding more scans
  • updating older pages