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Collecting Ice Hockey Pucks?

We sell old souvenir WHA hockey pucks,
World Hockey Association pucks as well as
NHL, AHL, ECHL, IHL, QMJHL, SJHL, WHL & Memorial Cup pucks.

Most of these pucks are one of a kind - email to reserve.

Postage & Handling is extra.     Canadian residents add applicable GST/HST.
Prices are listed in Canadian funds - please inquire as to the current exchange for prices in US funds.


Scan # Front  Year  Puck Slug Type Reverse Condition Price Per Puck
WHA 0076

Calgary Cowboys
70-78 CZ 2 Czechoslovakia blank reverse   $45.00 Cdn
WHA 0077

Calgary Cowboys - raised Made in Canada
75-78 B2 Biltrite

large crest, small WHA reverse
chipped, slashed edge, scuffed back $20.00 Cdn
WHA 0099

Chicago Cougars
72-75 CZ 2 Czechoslovakia blank reverse soft scratches $45.00 Cdn
WHA 0083

Cincinnati Stingers
72-75 V3 Viceroy blank reverse sticker front $50.00 Cdn
WHA 0084

Cleveland Crusaders
72-75 CCM 3 blank reverse minor flaking $80.00 Cdn
WHA 0085

Houston Aeros rubber crest
75-76 Art Ross

(Converse) orange WHA reverse
flaking $50.00 Cdn
WHA 0089

Indianapolis Racers
72-78 B2 Biltrite blank reverse - raised Made in Canada sticker front $75.00 Cdn
WHA 0090

Minnesota Fighting Saints - raised Made in Canada
72-75 B2 Biltrite

large crest, large WHA reverse
flaking $75.00 Cdn
WHA 0096

Phoenix Roadrunners
72-78 B2 Biltrite blank reverse - raised Made in Canada condition $75.00 Cdn
WHA 0097

San Diego Mariners - skating mariner
75-76 CZ 2 Czechoslovakia

gold WHA reverse - made in Czechoslovakia impression
  $60.00 Cdn

Last Updated:     Oct. 5, 2019

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Empty Puck Holders

Square puck holder
$2.00 Cdn each

Gold base puck holder
$3.00 Cdn each

Black base puck holder
$4.50 Cdn each

Domed black base slanted puck holder
$5.00 Cdn each

Acrylic puck & card holder
$12.00 Cdn each

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