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Pub 6373 Nov. 1969
World Boxing

Various Heavyweights
Stories: At Ringside, California Grapevine, Leach Cross, Rocky Graziano & Tony Janiro, Heavyweights From Dempsey to Frazier & Ellis, Augie Pantellas, Fraser Scott & Joe West Why We Pick Ellis to Beat Frazier GD $15.00 Cdn
Pub 6374 Nov. 1970
World Boxing

Max Baer / George Foreman / Jake La Motta
Stories: At Ringside, Max Baer, California Grapevine, George Foreman, Don Fullmer, Billy Graham, Jake La Motta, Sandro Mazzinghi, Floyd Patterson, Slaughter in the Training Camps, What Frazier Can Learn From Marciano GD-VG $15.00 Cdn
Pub 6375 May 1971
World Boxing

George Foreman
Stories: At Ringside, Ken Buchanan, California Grapevine, George Foreman, Art Hernandez vs Chuck Horsman, Carlos Monzon, Armando Muniz, Ken Norton Manuel Ortiz, Robbery on Independence Day, Life & Times of John L. Sullivan When Benny Leonard Fought Joe Gans VG++ $15.00 Cdn
Pub 6376 Dec. 1971
World Boxing

Jerry Quarry
Stories: As the Clock Turns Back 25 Years Ago, At Ringside, Boxing`s 10 Deadliest Punches Ever Thrown, California Grapevine, John Francis Xavier Condon, Fighting Italians, Mike Lancaster, Little Fellas = Big Box Office, Jose Napoles VG-EX $15.00 Cdn
Pub 6377 Apr. 1972
World Boxing

Ruben Olivares
Stories: Muhammad Ali, Another Typical George Parnassus Extravaganza, At Ringside, Carmen Basilio, California Grapevine, Jack Dempsey vs Luis Firpo, Charley Goldman, Frank Moran, Ratings, the "Unknowns" Who Keep Boxing Alive, Why Frazier Fought Terry Daniels, Why Graziano Amost Murdered Charley Fusari Wildest Title Fight in History VG $10.00 Cdn
Pub 6378 May 1973
World Boxing

George Foreman
Stories: At Ringside, Carmen Basilio, Joe Bugner, California Grapevine, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, How Would Frazier Do Against Ali / Quarry / Ellis / Lyle, International Wrapup, Ratings VG water damage $3.00 Cdn
Pub 6379 1973
Boxing Yearbook #1

Muhammad Ali / Joe Frazier / George Foreman / Rocky Marciano
Stories: John Conteh, Fight of the Year, Fighter of the Year, the Gyms, How to Own Your Own Fighter, Jack Johnson vs Jim Jeffries Controversy, Rocky Marciano`s Toughest Fight, Upset of the Year, Would You Pay to See Ali vs Frazier Again?, Year of the Heavyweights VG $12.00 Cdn
Pub 6381 Sept. 1974
World Boxing

Muhammad Ali / George Foreman / Jerry Quarry
Stories: At Ringside, California Grapevine, John Capobianco, Marcel Cerdan, International Roundup, John Henry Lewis, Tony Licata, Eddie Owens, Ratings, Battling Siki GD-VG $5.00 Cdn
Pub 6380 1974
Boxing Annual #3

Various 1950`s Fighters
Stories: 10 Memorable Moments From the 50`s, Roberto Duran, Fabulous 50`s, George Foreman, Bob Foster, Carlos Monzon, Jose Napoles, Ratings GD $5.00 Cdn
Pub 6385 July 1978
World Boxing

Leon Spinks with inset Muhammad Ali / George Foreman / Ken Norton
Stories: Anyone Who Can`t Beat Leon Spinks?, At Ringside, Boxing & Biorhythms, International Wrapup, Danny Lopez, Patterson - Johansson Fights, Ratings, Mike Rossman, Carlos Zarate VG, fingerprints on cover $5.00 Cdn
Pub 6387 May 1982
World Boxing

Alexis Arguella
Stories: Alexis Arguella, At Ringside, Hector "Macho" Camacho, Bobby Czyz, Howard Davis Jr., International Wrapup, Eusebio Pedroza, Ratings, Red Smith VG $6.00 Cdn

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