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Pub 6390 1933?
Ring Battles of the Ages 550 BC to 1932 AD - From the Dawn of Time to the Present

  VG $150.00 Cdn


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Pub 6391 Aug. 1951
The Ring

Walter Cartier
Stories: Australia Boxing is Booming, Broadcast From New York, Jimmy Carter, Walter Cartier, Ezzard Charles vs Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles vs Joey Maxim, Mat World News, European Gossip, Mike Jacobs, In Sunny California, Ray Robinson, Jack Sharkey vs Mike McTigue PR $5.00 Cdn
Pub 6392 Dec. 1956
The Ring

Carmen Basilio with inset Kenny Lane
Stories: Carmen Basilio, Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard, European Gossip, Fights I Can't Forget, Nat Fleischer Says, In Sunny California, Left Side of the Story, Mat World, Men of Action, Archie Moore or Floyd Patterson, Ray Robinson is Superstitious, Seen & Heard in New York, World Ratings GD $10.00 Cdn
Pub 6393 Sept. 1977
The Ring

drawings of Muhammad Ali / Ken Norton / Jimmy Young
Stories: Action in Europe, Hard Look at Orient Talent, Ken Norton, Top 10 All Time Irish Americans, World Ratings, Jimmy Young VG $10.00 Cdn
Pub 6394 Jan. 1979
The Ring

Teofilio Stevenson
Stories: 1979 Championship Preview, Action in Europe, Jose Cuevas, In Sunny California, Terry McGovern Pt. 2, Floyd Patterson, Teofilio Stevenson, World Ratings VG, water spots on cover $10.00 Cdn
Pub 6395 Aug. 1979
The Ring

Various Dream Fights
Stories: Action in Europe, In Sunny California, Scandinavian All-Time Greats, World Ratings GD $7.00 Cdn
Pub 6396 Jan. 1980
The Ring

Howard Cosell
Stories: Action in Europe, Howard Cosell, Wilfredo Gomez, John Gully, In Sunny California, Rings Around the World, James Scott, John Tate, Cleveland Williams, World Ratings GD-VG $12.00 Cdn

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