We sell WHA hockey pins from the first World Hockey Association.
We also have AHL, ECHL, IHL, NHL, OHL, QMJHL, USHL, WHL pins
as well as minor league hockey pins & oldtimers hockey pins for sale.

Click on the blue links to see the pin scans and then click the back button to return to the list.
Please refer to the written list for availability, because the group scans are not always updated.

Copy the whole line (code & description) for each pin that you are interested in
and paste them directly into an email,
please include your address and we will confirm pins are still available and work out the P+H.

Postage & Handling is extra.     Canadian residents add applicable GST/HST.
Prices are listed in Canadian funds - please inquire as to the current exchange for prices in US funds.


WHA LAPEL PINS - Ace, Sports Prism manufacturers
  • pn-WHA 003 - Birmingham BULLS  logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 004 - Calgary COWBOYS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 005 - Chicago COUGARS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 006 - Cincinnati STINGERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 007 - Cleveland CRUSADERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 008 - Denver SPURS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 009 - Edmonton OILERS   logo pin (thicker pin, soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 010 - Houston AEROS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 011 - Indianapolis RACERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 012 - Los Angeles SHARKS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 013 - Michigan STAGS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 014 - Minnesota FIGHTING SAINTS - "S" logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 015 - New England WHALERS   logo pin (small pin, soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 016 - New York GOLDEN BLADES   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 017 - New York RAIDERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 018 - Ottawa NATIONALS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 019 - Philadelphia BLAZERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 020 - Quebec NORDIQUES   logo pin (thicker pin, soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 021 - San Diego MARINERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 022 - Toronto TOROS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 023 - Vancouver BLAZERS   logo pin (soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 001 - WHA   logo pin (thicker pin, light blue letters, soft enamel)
  • pn-WHA 025 - Quebec NORDIQUES   logo pin (hard enamel)
  • pn-WHA 026 - Vancouver BLAZERS   logo pin (hard enamel)
$7.50 Cdn each

Last Updated:     Nov. 28, 2016

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