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World Series of 1967

Boston Red Sox vs St Louis Cardinals. narrated by Harry Caray   1988 40 min. $14.99 Cdn


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Michael Jordan - Playground

Michael Jordans Playground is a first-of-its-kind sports video that combines dazzling highlights from Jordans spectacular career and a dramatic and personal storyline - plus a hot new music video!   1991   $24.99 Cdn

NBA Awesome Endings

NBA Entertainment presents the most incredible last-second shots, tremendous turnarounds, and AWESOME ENDINGS in NBA history.   1990   $19.99 Cdn


Title Description Length Price per video

NFL Crunchtime

Featuring Howie Long, "Mad Dog" Mike Curtis, Dick Butkus, Larry Csonka & Randy White. For those who love a bone-rattling hit as much as a touchdown, and recognize guts as well as glory. CRUNCHTIME is a must see!   1986 44 min. $25.99 Cdn
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Tiger Woods
Son, Hero & Champion

This revealing film traces Tiger`s touching personal story and the astonishing career which led to this remarkable (1997) Masters win. See never-before-released footage of Tiger as a boy learning to master his game.
Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer also share their views on Tiger`s huge impact on the sport.   1997
58 min. $16.99 Cdn
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Gretzky - The Great One and The Next Ones

Join No. 99 on the ice as he deftly avoids checks, slides up the ice, feathers incredible passes, or pulls the trigger as the only NHL`s all-time goal scorer can...then meet the next generation of hot new NHL stars as Gretzky offers his analysis of the current up-and-coming greats.   1997 50 min. $16.99 Cdn

Ice Hot 2 - The Best of the 1996-1997 NHL Season

Experience unbelievable saves and crunching body checks, as well as All-Star Game and blooper footage. Enjoy the fast-paced action, including the top 20 goals of the season, edited with today`s hottest music. Hosted by television analyst John Davidson   1997 50 min. $16.99 Cdn

Lord Stanley`s Cup: Hockey`s Ultimate Prize

Witness those stories with NHL superstars past and present In "Lord Stanley`s Cup: Hockey`s Ultimate Prize" as they chronicle sports` "Holy Grail". Relive the Stanley Cup`s unique history, dating back to 1893. Learn about its evolution through the eyes of the heroes who have hoisted the Cup overhead, thus fulfilling every NHL player`s childhood dream.  1999 45 min. $14.99 Cdn

NHL Overtime
Heroes and Drama of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

From Bobby Orr to Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, from the playoff`s opening round to the Stanley Cup finals, here is a revealing chronicle of the game`s most remarkable moments and incredible victories told in the heroes` own words.   1996 45 min. $16.99 Cdn

September 1972 Collector`s Edition - Silver Anniversary Summit Series box set

"September 1972" Collector`s Edition special that captures the essence of the classic 1972 Canada / U.S.S.R. Summit Series (95 min.)

Game 8 of the 1972 Canada / U.S.S.R. Summit Series - digitally enhanced, this is the first time that the original telecast has been made available in it`s entirety. (165 min.)

Bonus - Royal Canadian Mint Collector`s Lapel Pin inside   1997
4 hours 20 min. $64.99 Cdn

Wayne Gretzky`s All Star Hockey Tips Vol. 1

Whether you`re a hockey fan who just enjoys the game or a player who wants to sharpen your skills, this video will bring you closer to the game. Wayne Gretzky, the most prolific scorer in hockey history, is your host and instructor along with some of the greatest players in the game today.

As an added bonus, this video includes One-On-One Superstars Skills Competitions between hockey`s elite.

Bonus - Exclusive Limited Edition Wayne Gretzky Upper Deck trading card in every cassette.   1994
50 min. $16.99 Cdn


Title Description Length Price per video

Austin 3:16 Uncensored

From Vince McMahon to Mike Tyson to Shawn Michaels, you`ll see `em getting their asses whooped by the toughest S.O.B. in the World Wrestling Federation. narrated by Stone Cold Steve Austin   1998 rated TV-M 60 min. $19.99 Cdn

`Cause Stone Cold Said So

You`ll see highlights of Steve Austin`s first year in the World Wrestling Federation. What does 3:16 mean ... well, take a look, and youll find out exactly what it means. narrated by Stone Cold Steve Austin   1997 rated TV-M 60 min. $14.99 Cdn

Hart & Soul - WWF Summerslam

Main Event - WWF Championship - The Undertakers vs Bret "Hit Man" Hart

Intercontinental Championship - Owen Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin with special referee Shawn Michaels

European Championship Match - British Bulldog vs Ken Shamrock

Steel Cage Match - Mankind vs Hunter Hearst-Helmsley

Tag Team Match - L.O.D. (Hawk & Animal) vs The Godwinns (Phineas & Henry)

Goldust vs Brian Pillman

8 Man Tag Team Match - D.O.A (Crush, Chainz, 8-Ball, Skull) vs Los Boricuas (Savio Vega, Jesus, Jose, Miguel)   1997
3 hours $19.99 Cdn

Mayhem In Manchester

WWF Championship Match - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs HHH with Chyna
Undertaker vs Kane with Paul Bearer

WWF Tag Team Championship Match - The New Age Outlaws vs L.O.D. 2000
Cactus Jack vs Goldust with Luna

Ken Shamrock & Owen Hart vs The Nation Of Domination`s "The Rock" Rocky Miavia & D`Lo Brown

Bradshaw vs Marvelous Marc Mero with Sable

Country Whippin` Match - D.O.A. vs The Godwinns   1998
60 min. $14.99 Cdn

One Night Only

WWF Europeon Championship Match - British Bulldog vs Shawn Michaels
Vader vs Owen Hart

Legion of Doom vs The Godwinns

Dude Love vs Hunter Hearst-Helmsley

WWF Tag Team Championship Match - Headbangers: Thrasher & Mosh vs Los Boricuas: Miguel & Savio   1997
120 min. $14.99 Cdn

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