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Pub 4247 June 30-80
Inside Sport
Roberto Duran / Sugar Ray Leonard Stories: Neil Allen, Bob Arum, George Brett, Rod Dedeaux, Steve DiNardo, Roberto Duran, Hollywood Henderson, Larry Holmes, Umpire School, 10 Worst NBA Draft Picks of the Last Decade VG, 3/4" bottom corner crease $6.00 Cdn
Pub 0239 Nov 81
Inside Sport
Tony Dorsett Stories: Marcus Allen, Tony Ayala, Curtis Dickey, Wayne Gretzky, Martina Navratilova, NFL speed GD-VG, 2 x 1" tears on back $5.00 Cdn
Pub 0240 Nov 84
Inside Sport
Joe Theismann Stories: Danny Ford & Clemson FB, Chuck Knox, Bowie Kuhn, Joe Morgan, NHL Teams Preview, Joe Theismann VG $3.50 Cdn
Pub 0241 June 85
Inside Sport
Ball Girls / Rickey Henderson / Los Angeles Dodgers Stories: Mario Andretti, Ball Girls, Rick Barry, Mike Easler, Rickey Henderson, D. Johnson & L.A. Dodgers VG $3.50 Cdn
Pub 4248 Oct 87
Inside Sport
Ron Hextall / Larry Robinson / Wendel Clark / Wayne Gretzky / Mike Bossy / Peter Stastny / Glen Hanlon / Joe Mullen Stories: Andre Dawson, Eric Dickerson, Lenny Dykstra, ESPN & The NFL, Mike Haynes, Howie Long, Dan Marino, NHL Preview, Jim Otto, Jerry Rice, Steve Sax, Dwight Stevenson, Lawrence Taylor, 1987 All-American FB Team EX, 3/4" back crease $5.00 Cdn
Pub 4249 Mar 88
Inside Sport
George Bell / Wade Boggs / Gary Carter / Andre Dawson / Gary Gaetti / Mark McGwire / Mike Schmidt / Alan Trammell Stories: Mark Aguirre, Asphalt Artists, Tom Chambers, Jack Lang calling, Mark McGwire, MLB Supersophs, Rating The MLB Rookies, Buddy Ryan, Debi Thomas, Total Average by Position amp; Teams, Total Average Talks Again, EX+ $6.00 Cdn
Pub 4250 Nov 88
Inside Sport
Mike Brophy / Michel Goulet / Mark Messier / Stephane Richer / Denis Savard / Steve Yzerman Stories: Larry Brown, Hockey Ratings & Inside Stuff, College & NBA Previews, Michigan Wolverines Basketball Champs, NBA Rookie Report, World Series - Whose Turn Is It? VG++ $3.50 Cdn
Pub 0246 Oct 89
Inside Sport
Wayne Gretzky / Jari Kurri / Mario Lemieux / Joe Mullen / Patrick Roy / Steve Yzerman Stories: Joe Garagiola, Karl Malone, NBA, NBA Draft, NHL Teams Preview, Steve SaxGD+ $2.50 Cdn
Pub 0248Feb 90
Inside Sport
Wayne Gretzky / Bo Jackson / Michael Jordan / Mario Lemieux & more Stories: Xavier McDaniel, MLB Rookies, Nascar's New Drivers, Sports Salaries, Steve Sabol, Super Bowl VG++ $5.00 Cdn
Pub 0256 Oct 91
Inside Sport
Wayne Gretzky / Mario Lemieux / Al MacInnis / Patrick Roy / Esa Tikkanen Stories: MLB in Atlanta & Seattle, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Brent Musberger, NBA & NCAA basketball & NHL Preview GD $2.50 Cdn
Pub 0258 Nov 91
Inside Sport
Brett Hull w/inset Ray Bourque / Paul Coffey / Al MacInnis / Steve Larmer Stories: Bernard King, Marvin Miller, NBA Teams Preview, NCAA Teams Preview, NHL Ratings VG $3.00 Cdn
Pub 0260 Jan 92
Inside Sport
Steve DeBerg / John Elway / Bobby Hebert / Jim Kelly / Warren Moon / Mark Rypien Stories: Steve DeBerg, NFL Playoffs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Seton Hall, Suggestions for improving the NBA EX $5.00 Cdn
Pub 0261 Jan 92
Inside Sport
Steve DeBerg / John Elway / Bobby Hebert / Jim Kelly / Warren Moon / Mark Rypien Stories: Steve DeBerg, NFL Playoffs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Seton Hall, Suggestions for improving the NBA GD-VG $3.00 Cdn
Pub 0262 May 92
Inside Sport
Mario Lemieux / Mark Messier Stories: Mets vs Yankees, NBA Playoff Preview, NHL Playoff Preview, NFL Draft Preview & Isiah Thomas EX $5.00 Cdn
Pub 0263 Nov 92
Inside Sport
Sergei Fedorov / Jaromir Jagr / Pat LaFontaine / Jeremy Roenick Stories: Lloyd Daniels, MLB Playoff Heroes, NBATeams Preview, NCAA Teams Preview, NHL Fighting, Pat Summerall VG $3.00 Cdn
Pub 4251 Dec 92
Inside Sport
Mark Messier Stories: Best NBA Team Ever?, Riddick Bowe, College Hoops - Big East? Big Bust, Doug Collins, Tim Hardaway or John Stockton?, Mark Messier, Top 10 Myths in the NFL, 20 NBA Hot Questions VG $2.50 Cdn
Pub 0266 Nov 93
Inside Sport
Michael Jordan Stories: NBA Teams Preview, NCAA Teams Preview, NHL Top 10 List & Jerry Rice EX cover, creased back $4.00 Cdn
Pub 0268 Oct 94
Inside Sport
Al Davis / Dan Marino / Jerry Rice & other NFL personalities Stories: 64 Phillies, Men Who'll Shape The NFL, Michael Moorer, NBA Draft, NHL Teams Preview, & Ricky Watters VG+ $3.00 Cdn
Pub 0267 1994-95
Inside Sport
Hky. Yrbk.
Pavel Bure Stories: NHL Teams Preview, New York Rangers, Russian Players, 93-94 Stats, 94-95 Fantasy Hockey VG, 2" back crease $4.00 Cdn
Pub 0272 June 95
Inside Sport
Sergei Fedorov Stories: Jose Canseco, Foreign Indy Car Drivers, Michael Jordan, MLB Preview, NBA Playoffs, SNHL Playoffs Preview, Shaquille O`Neal & UCLA Basketball VG $2.50 Cdn

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