Collecting IIHF Ice Hockey Pucks ?

Vancouver 2010 Champions Olympiques pucks

We sell IIHF souvenir team country pucks, Team Canada hockey pucks, USA Hockey pucks,
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Champions pucks, 2002 McDonald`s Team Canada Olympic player pucks,
2004 World Cup Hockey pucks etc... as well as pucks from the
AHL, ECHL, IHL, NHL, QMJHL and other minor league hockey pucks.

Click on the puck`s blue links to view front & back,
then click your back button to return to the puck list.

Postage & Handling is extra.     Canadian residents add applicable GST/HST.
Prices are listed in Canadian funds - please inquire as to the current exchange for prices in US funds.


International Ice Hockey Federation Pucks

$5.00 Cdn

Team Canada Pucks

$6.00 Cdn each

USA Hockey Pucks

  • USA Hockey logo puck (full color background)
  • USA Hockey - Blue logo puck
  • USA flag - puck (stars - background of Olympics - without 2002 Games)
$6.00 Cdn each

Olympic Hockey Pucks

$7.00 Cdn each

2002 McDonald`s Team Canada Olympic Pucks

- original cellophane wrapping (causing light lines on scan of puck)
$6.00 Cdn each
  • Team Canada black plastic puck holder - 5 pucks sit on top in a row
$3.00 Cdn each

2004 World Cup of Hockey Pucks

country flag on top, country name in middle and 2004 World Cup of Hockey logo on bottom
  • Czech Republic - European Division - August 30-September 14, 2004
  • Finland- European Division - August 30-September 14, 2004 SOLD OUT
  • Germany - European Division - August 30-September 14, 2004
  • Slovakia - North American Division - August 30-September 14, 2004
$7.00 Cdn each

Last Updated:     May 7, 2013

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Empty Puck Holders

Square puck holder
$2.00 Cdn each

Gold base puck holder
$3.00 Cdn each

Black base puck holder
$4.50 Cdn each

Domed black base slanted puck holder
$5.00 Cdn each

Acrylic puck & card holder
$12.00 Cdn each

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