2007 Jogo CFL Cards

The 2007 Jogo CFL regular card set this year will have 165 cards, maybe more. They haven’t decided on a design yet. Only 400 numbered sets made.

There will be a 2007 Jogo CFL Short Print set. The number of cards is to be determined. Only 200 sets made.

There will be a 2007 Jogo CFL “Where Are They Now” set. This will give some of the older players a chance to be on a card, providing Jogo can find photos of the players to use. Only 200 sets made.

We are not sure if there will be any “complete” 2007 Jogo CFL Players sets available for the collector this year, as Jogo is trying to keep the over-run to a minimum. If there is – they will be extremely limited and will look different from the 2007 Jogo CFL regular set. Last year there was 85 complete players sets. This year, there will be a lot less, if any.

Jogo has always come out towards the end of the season (Oct-Nov), because they use current photos and write-ups of the players.

We will post the player listing, once we know who is in the set. Everything is subject to change without notice. Pricing yet to be determined.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the sets, ASAP so we can put you on the reserve list for when the sets come out. We are trying to judge interest, so we don`t get caught short on the sets.

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Large Collection of Older Hockey Pucks

Ab D. Cards just acquired over 1300 old collectible hockey pucks from an assortment of leagues. The ages of theses pucks are from @ 1960s to present. We are working as fast as possible to sort and price the various pucks and get them uploaded to the website.


Some of the hockey leagues that will be represented are


AHL – American Hockey League


AJHL – Alberta Junior Hockey League


BCJHL – British Columbia Junior Hockey League


CHL – Central Hockey League


IHL – International Hockey League


NHL – National Hockey League


OHA & OHL – Ontario Hockey Association & Ontario Hockey League


QMJHL – Quebec Major Junior Hockey League


SJHL – Saskatchewan Hockey League


WCHL & WHL – Western Canada Hockey League & Western Hockey League


American & Canadian Collegiate pucks


Tournament pucks


Many more pucks from across Canada & the US, some overseas


International Country pucks

An assortment of older hockey pucks from the collection.

An assortment of hockey pucks from the large collection of older hockey pucks.



Watch for our pucks pages to be updated with new additions. http://www.abdcards.com/puck.htm




Sports Cards & Collectibles



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