2007 Jogo CFL Cards – Card Checklist

2007 Jogo CFL Cards – Player Checklist

The new expected release date for all the sets is Nov. 15, 2007

Jogo has finalized which players are in the 2007 Jogo CFL card sets. A few changes have been made.

The 2007 Jogo Where Are They Now Set is only 9 cards instead of the original 15 cards. $16.00 Cdn

The 2007 Jogo Variation / Short Print Set is now just a Short Print set of 15 cards. $30.00 Cdn Pre-Release price

The 2007 Jogo Rookie Set is now 14 cards from scheduled 15 cards. $30.00 Cdn Pre-Release price

The 2007 Jogo Regular Set has white borders, with team colors and will be UV coated. $115.00 Cdn

The 2007 Jogo Players Set has gray borders with a varnish finish. $200.00 Cdn

P+H & (GST/HST if applicable) is extra

CLICK HERE to see the 2007 Jogo CFL Card Player Checklist.

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Old OHA Hockey Pucks & Old OHL Hockey Pucks

Old OHA Hockey Pucks & Old OHL Hockey Pucks from the collection of hockey pucks are now scanned and listed online.

We have listed the individual hockey team levels for the Ontario Hockey Association hockey pucks when known.

OHL – Ontario Hockey League

OHA Major Junior A
Intermediate A
Provincial Junior A
Senior A
Southern Ontario Junior A

Central Ontario Junior B
Golden Horseshoe Junior B
Metro Junior B
Midwestern Junior B
Niagara District Junior B
Western Ontario Junior B

Great Lakes Junior C
Niagara District Junior C

NOHA – Northern Ontario Hockey Association

Old OHA hockey pucks & OHL hockey pucks – CLICK HERE

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Jogo Just Announced Bonus Card Added To Regular Set

Jogo Just Announced !

One random BONUS card will be added to each of the 400 numbered 2007 Jogo CFL regular sets produced.

The featured BONUS card could be ONE of the following cards.

200 Sets will contain one limited edition Autographed card.

  • BRYAN CHIU     Montreal Alouettes
  • JEREMY O’DAY     Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • JAY McNEIL     Calgary Stampeders
  • JARRETT W. PAYTON     Montreal Alouettes
  • BRENT JOHNSON     B.C. Lions
  • GEROY SIMON     B.C. Lions
  • KERRY JOSEPH     Saskatchewan Roughriders

200 sets will contain one random card from one of the Special Limited Edition sets

  • or

  • or


Order your 2007 JOGO CFL set now!

You have a 1 out of 2 chance of getting an limited autographed card.

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