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NFL Football Pins

NFL Football Pins

I just finished updating the NFL football pin pages with individual scans.
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New Super Bowl Championship Banner Pins

Attention NFL Super Bowl Fans!

Beautiful 2″ x 1″ pins featuring Super Bowl logo, game date, winning team logo and colors.

Each pin is made from stamped brass and filled with synthetic enamel for the finest quality finish. They are either nickel plated or gold plated.

There is one pin for each year, making this series extremely collectable.

Green Bay Packers First World Champonship Game AFL vs NFL Champions Los Angeles 01.15.67
Green Bay Packers Super Bowl II Champions Miami 01.14.68
New York Jets Super Bowl III Champions Miami 01.12.69
Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl IV Champions New Orleans 01.11.70
Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl V Champions Miami 01.17.71
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl VI Champions New Orleans 01.16.72
Miami Dolphins Super Bowl VII Champions Los Angeles 01.14.73
Miami Dolphins Super Bowl VIII Champions Houston 01.13.74
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl IX Champions New Orleans 01.12.75
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl X Champions Miami 01.18.76
Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XI Champions Pasadena 01.09.77
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII Champions New Orleans 01.15.78
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIII Champions Miami 01.21.79
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV Champions Pasadena 01.20.80
Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XV Champions New Orleans 01.25.81
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XVI Champions Pontiac 01.24.82
Washington Redskins Super Bowl XVII Champions Pasadena 01.30.83
Los Angeles Raiders Super Bowl XVIII Champions Tampa 01.22.84
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XIX Champions Stanford 01.20.85
Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX Champions New Orleans 01.26.86
New York Giants Super Bowl XXI Champions Pasadena 01.25.87
Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXII Champions San Diego 01.31.88
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIII Champions Miami 01.22.89
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIV Champions New Orleans 01.28.90
New York Giants Super Bowl XXV Champions Tampa 01.27.91
Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI Champions Minneapolis 01.26.92
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII Champions Pasadena 01.31.93
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVIII Champions Atlanta 01.30.94
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIX Champions Miami 01.29.95
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX Champions Arizona 01.28.96
Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI Champions New Orleans 01.26.97
Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII Champions San Diego 01.25.98
Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII Champions Miami 01.31.99
St Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXIV Champions Atlanta 01.30.00
Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV Champions Tampa 01.28.01
New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI Champions New Orleans 02.03.02
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII Champions San Diego 01.26.03
New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII Champions Houston 02.01.04
New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Champions Jacksonville 02.06.05
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champions Detroit 02.08.06
Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI Champions South Florida 02.04.07

$10.00 Cdn each
$350.00 Cdn set of 41 banner pins

P+H (& GST/HST if applicable) is extra

41 NFL Super Bowl Championship Banner Pins

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