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2008 Jogo CFL Weston Dressler Rookie of the Year

Jogo just issued a limited edition card.
2008 Jogo Weston Dressler – CFL Rookie of the Year

There are 200 white bordered UV coated cards made.

2008 Jogo CFL Rookie of the Year card - Weston Dressler2008 Jogo CFL Rookie of the Year card - Weston Dressler

The black bordered cards have a matte finish and match the 2008 Jogo CFL Players cards.

We are offering our customers who bought the “2008 Jogo CFL Regular set” from us the opportunity to purchase the “2008 Rookie of the Year card” on a 1 to 1 ratio at a special price of 6.00 Cdn plus P+H (& applicable tax).

Second cards or if you didn’t buy the 180 card “2008 Jogo Regular set” from us will be at 10.00 Cdn, providing we have any cards left over.

Priority goes to our 2008 Jogo Regular Set or 2008 Jogo Players Set customers first, next priority would be to our past Jogo set customers.

If you haven’t ordered your “2008 Jogo Regular CFL set” yet – NOW is the time. Remember, there is 1 autographed card inserted into the 2008 Jogo Regular set.

We still have some “2008 Jogo Regular CFL sets” (180 cards) for sale 115.00 Cdn plus P+H (& applicable tax), if you want to take advantage of the Weston Dressler Rookie of the Year card at 6.00 Cdn.

See all the 2008 Jogo CFL Sets available – Regular, Players, Rookie, Short Print, Signature

Judy 2008 & older CFL Card Sets

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New Fax Machine

Ab D Cards got a new fax machine which is now set up and working properly.

We apologize for any customers trying to fax us during the last week or so. I know it must have been annoying not to have your fax go through. We couldn’t let you know that we did not get your fax for obvious reasons – we didn’t know you sent one.

If you sent us a fax recently and have not received a confirmation to your order – please email us and we will check if we did or didn’t receive your fax and ask you to refax it.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.


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