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2007 Jogo CFL Cards – Card Checklist

2007 Jogo CFL Cards – Player Checklist

The new expected release date for all the sets is Nov. 15, 2007

Jogo has finalized which players are in the 2007 Jogo CFL card sets. A few changes have been made.

The 2007 Jogo Where Are They Now Set is only 9 cards instead of the original 15 cards. $16.00 Cdn

The 2007 Jogo Variation / Short Print Set is now just a Short Print set of 15 cards. $30.00 Cdn Pre-Release price

The 2007 Jogo Rookie Set is now 14 cards from scheduled 15 cards. $30.00 Cdn Pre-Release price

The 2007 Jogo Regular Set has white borders, with team colors and will be UV coated. $115.00 Cdn

The 2007 Jogo Players Set has gray borders with a varnish finish. $200.00 Cdn

P+H & (GST/HST if applicable) is extra

CLICK HERE to see the 2007 Jogo CFL Card Player Checklist.

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